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As a consequence, we might also say that the response of the international community to such violations—expressed through organizations like the United Nations and the International Court of Justice—is more immediate and in some cases more effective.

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Leadership Styles: Feared or Loved?

Francesco became Duke of Milan because he was well armed, but his sons saw no need to study warfare, and soon lost their power. It is the ability to at least appear if not always act in a diplomatic, kind, and fair way during certain advantageous times that makes a ruler great.

Another student claimed that the New Jersey congressman for whom he interned kept a copy of The Prince in his desk. Machiavelli gives two examples of these two kinds of government: I definitely agree with Sam that there are aspects of Nazism that cannot and should not be linked with historical political theory.

Men worry less about doing an injury to one who makes himself loved than to one who makes himself feared. Subscribing to the notion that one has to observe the world as it is rather than the world as you want it to be, Machiavelli and Underwood see the political struggle as taking place in a Darwinian world where politics is disconnected from morality.

While he acknowledges that coming to power in the way the Cesare did is not desirable, nevertheless Cesare is an example of the best a prince can do, given such circumstances. What about rulers who reconquer a territory that has rebelled? I am writing this comment as a warning that I think we may be venturing too far into a revision of history that is never appropriate nor healthy.

A controlled amount of cruelty, which harms a few, can avert widespread violence and lawlessness, which harms many. Readers across the ages have found support for all kinds of causes: Most students now claim that they find nothing surprising or shocking in the book, and I have to work hard to stir outrage.

Machiavelli, however felt that people generally tended to work for their own best interests and gave little obligation to the well being of the state. This is not the contradiction it seems, though. The second example Machiavelli offers comes from recent Italian history. Machiavelli would give Hitler a thumps up for maintaining his position and power through fear.

It is fact that the reality come to the light one day, therefore a leader should be honest from the beginning of his leadership. Locri a city captured by Scipio and brutally treated by one of his commanders. In a sense, The Prince itself is a kind of history book, compiling short examples of good and bad rulers throughout history for the edification of its princely readers.

Southern gentility and cracker-barrel charm are the fig leaves for rapacity. He was willing to sacrifice all morals and risk not being loved to get what he wanted, which are aspects that Machiavelli would have been proud of.

For example, Machiavelli discusses the question of whether it is better for a prince to be loved or feared. One of the most striking features of the text is the amount of discussion revolving around necessary cruelty and the ability of a leader to act in a completely self-serving manner.

Oliverotto invited the important men of the town to a feast, and entertained them with stories of Alexander and his son Cesare Borgia. In my opinion, Machiavelli made some very valid arguments.

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I ask them to imagine an advisor to Slobodan Milosevic, the nationalist president of Serbia during the Balkan wars of the s, presenting plans for annexing parts of Bosnia to the leader. A ruler needs then, to be a fox to recognize traps and a lion to frighten away wolves. First, Machiavelli suggests that it is easier for a conqueror to maintain control over a territory which shares his language and nationality, and which is used to being ruled in a similar way by previous rulers.

As we might expect, within this latter category the annexed statethere are also two subcategories: Analysis Continuing his discussion of virtues that are not virtues, Machiavelli considers mercy and cruelty. In all things, Machiavelli writes as he does many times in the bookthe new prince should not only keep an eye on present dangers, but on possible future dangers — a good example of this is the Roman rule of new provinces.

I agree with Matt that Machiavelli would have drawn the line in terms of the Holocaust.Essay/Term paper: Machiavelli's view of human nature Essay, term paper, research paper: History Essays If a prince can not be both feared and loved, Machiavelli suggests, it would be better for him to be feared bey the citizens within his own principality.

He makes the generalization that men are, " ungrateful, fickle, liars, and.

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Machiavelli stated that "it is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." By this, he means that the responsibility of the king is to keep order and safety. By way of an answer, Machiavelli first distinguishes between two kinds of government: the rule of a prince and his servants (who have no power independent of the prince’s permission), versus the rule of a prince and his barons (who have their own hereditary titles, lands, and subjects).

In his book, "The Prince," Niccolo Machiavelli argues that it is ultimately better to be feared than loved as a leader, although he notes that being loved and feared at. Machiavelli is famous for claiming that it is better for a ruler to be feared than loved by the people (cf.

ibid., Chapter XVII), but this is for the very sensible reason that in times of crisis, it is essential that a ruler be obeyed. A ruler who is loved but not feared may not be.

Ideas on the same topic always seem to differ from person to person. This holds true to the ideas of Machiavelli and Castiglione.

The Prince, written by Machiavelli, and The Courtier, written by Castiglione, are both somewhat how-to guides for nobility, royalty, and princes.

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Essay machiavelli s prince better leader feared and not ha
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